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What Does It Mean to Be a Solar EPC Company?

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Solar energy is booming, which means there are plenty of terms you need to know that separate the good companies from the best companies. Solar energy benefits are profound, but only if you’re working with an organization that can maximize them. That’s where a solar EPC company comes in, as not all companies are set up to cover all your solar needs. 

Some companies are lead generators that outsource their work to other clients. While this works for some, it often leaves them unaware of certain aspects of the job and unable to guarantee essential parts of the process. Understand what type of solar company you’re working with to make the transition from installation to solar production as smooth as possible.

What Are Solar EPC Companies?

The “EPC” in solar EPC stands for engineering, procurement, and construction. Companies under this label handle every aspect of the process, including sales, designing the system, managing the project, installing the system, and support in case of failing products, warranty claims, or maintenance needs. This means that customers only have to work with one company throughout every aspect of the project. Even though some EPC companies lack their own financing options, many companies have close relationships with some of the best lenders, making financing just as simple.

What Solar EPC Companies Provide

While EPC companies were mostly for commercial solar services, this holistic approach led to a more comprehensive experience for both parties. Residential solar companies have caught on, making it easier for homeowners who might not be as aware of what to expect during the process. You can expect solar EPC companies to do any of the following:

  • Perform site surveys to check the viability of a solar installation.
  • Select the right equipment for a property and determine the potential solar generation.
  • Finalize designs and install the system.
  • Facilitate net metering.
  • Facilitate financing options.
  • Monitor and maintain the system throughout its lifespan.

Detailed Solar Designs

These custom solar designs help suit your home and design needs without compromising your budgetary boundaries. Solar companies focus on client requirements and demands while monitoring weather conditions in the area and finding the ideal structural design for the entire solar system. This can include panel extensions onto garages or other locations and where to place metering units.

Solar Equipment Procurement

In this stage, your solar EPC company will find the best equipment possible, leveraging partnerships with top-tier manufacturers to create equipment that stands the test of time. To find the right supplier, your solar company will negotiate to find a price range that fits both your needs and theirs. 

Construction of Solar Panels

From mounting panels to connecting to grids, the solar company will focus on implementing your panels properly. In addition, EPC companies offer services after the sale via equipment monitoring or maintenance procedures. With only one bill to pay, you can work with your solar company to understand terms and conditions and what you can and cannot do and give yourself peace of mind throughout the entire solar process.

Need a Local Solar EPC Company? eEquals Is the Place to Call!

An EPC solar company is the primary business model in the solar industry, and if you want to feel the most comfort possible, make sure the company you work with falls under this category. At eEquals, we take pride in developing our own solar designs, following through with their implementation, and giving you the necessary information. These are just one of the many reasons why we’re a leading provider of residential solar panels in Illinois and why we will continue to outfit homeowners across the state with well-designed solar units. 

Contact us today to schedule your solar panel service, or take a peek at additional perks like our solar batteries for additional support to lower that electric bill. 

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