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Should I Get Storage Batteries for My Solar Power System?

A diagram explaining how solar power storage batteries work

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If you’ve been looking for ways to provide efficient power and energy for your home, a residential solar panel installation is a great way to accomplish your goals. But did you know that solar panels can also protect your home from power outages? Unfortunately, most homeowners believe that a solar energy system is only worth your time and money if the sun is shining. But with solar batteries, you can protect yourself against power outages and provide the convenience your neighbors wish they had. 

Solar Batteries, What Are They?

A solar battery is a product you can use to store excess energy from your solar panels. You can then use this energy to power your home during unfavorable weather or unforeseen situations. Solar batteries work great for cloudy, rainy, and snowy days and nights and during power outages. Solar batteries give you full access to all the electricity you create and help you maximize it in more ways than one.

How Solar Batteries Work

You might be wondering — how exactly do these batteries work? It all starts with the energy your panels create. The energy your panels produce is electricity for your appliances using an inverter. But with battery-powered systems, this inverter becomes a distribution point that charges your battery and powers your home. Your home will also have a backup subpanel that acts as a safety net to isolate your battery from the main electrical panel.

Just like your phone, solar batteries are powered with lithium-ion batteries. They combine multiple ion batteries into one, with additional settings and inputs that regulate their performance to keep you safe. These factors combine to create a powerful and rechargeable unit that can store more than enough power for your home. 

During the Day

During the day, energy is produced through direct current (DC) that is fed to your inverter and charger. The inverter converts it into an alternating current, sent to your primary and backup panels to charge your battery. The excess power is then converted back into the grid using net metering.

During the Night

When the sun sets, you can use the energy from your battery to power your home. You can also pull your electricity from the power grid to power your home at night, which is usually chosen for batteries used in emergencies only. 

Power Outages

Essential devices are rerouted to your subpanel, allowing you to use yours as a makeshift grid when the power goes out. Due to the automatic shutdown in place for electric systems during power outages, a battery is the only way for your system to work during an outage. 

How Can Solar Batteries Help Me?

Solar batteries have proven an excellent investment because they give you power around the clock, guarding your home against power outages when you least expect it. They also protect your wallet by helping you avoid expensive utility rates. Most solar systems are grid-tied, meaning that your utility company will charge you a fee to use the grid. Battery-powered systems can avoid peak utility and demand charges when multiple homes are begging for power. They also let you track the energy your home generates in real-time, giving you a closer view of your consumption rates. 

How the Federal Investment Tax Credit Impacts Your Solar Battery

Did you know about the Federal Investment Tax Credit? Until 2024, homeowners who install a battery system with their solar panel system can claim up to 26% of those costs on their federal taxes. This means thousands of dollars in savings for homeowners, giving you adequate protection for a much lower price. Keep an eye out for additional state incentives as well; combined, you can enjoy even more significant savings on your battery systems!

Install Your Solar Battery With eEquals!

Preventative measures are consistently undervalued, and a solar panel battery is one of the best ways to protect your home in the event of a power failure. If you’re a resident of Illinois, turn to eEquals for your solar panel battery installation. Supply your home with efficient energy and keep your space lit up until power is restored. You’ll be protected from whatever surprises come your way with a battery from our qualified team of solar panel experts. Contact us today!

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