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Residential Solar Panels in Illinois

Homeowners always look for ways to improve their home’s energy efficiency and bring their bills down. Most of the time, they’ll use the most common tips and tricks to make it happen — turn things off when you aren’t using them, buy different bulbs — and be content. However, wouldn’t you like to cut out the big energy middleman and enjoy energy independence? With the help of eEquals — formerly known as CR Solar — you can enjoy the benefits of solar home systems!

Our company specializes in installing residential solar panels in Illinois, helping homeowners achieve energy independence without missing a beat. We examine your home, figure out what size system you need, and get to work getting roof solar panels ready to go. We have helped countless homeowners throughout the state of Illinois, including in the following locations:

  • Louis Area
  • Springfield
  • Champaign
  • Decatur
  • Peoria
  • Marion
  • Bloomington
  • And So Much More!


Residential Solar Installation in Illinois

When it comes to a successful residential solar installation, having the right team makes a significant difference. Our rooftop solar technicians have trained extensively in knowing and understanding the unique challenges that residential solar panels in Illinois can present. We walk our clients through every step of the process — from the initial measurements through the final power-up. We’ve become one of the best residential solar panel installation companies through our attention to detail and dedication to each client that comes to us looking to make their home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

A man with a hard hat on a roof using a screwdriver installing a new solar panel.

Benefits of Solar Home Systems

When looking at a residential solar panel system installation, you want home solar products that can meet your unique needs. The ideal solar home systems installed can help revolutionize your home and ensure you don’t have to worry about rising energy costs from the local power company.

When you choose one of our residential solar panel systems, you can expect the following benefits once you make the switch to solar panels on your roof:

When you need residential solar panels in Illinois, eEquals is the only name to trust for your home solar installation needs.

Retrofit Solar Services

A beautiful home with solar panels on the dark tile roof.

Some may wonder if our residential solar panel installers can only work on newer homes specifically designed to house roof solar panels. Fortunately, our retrofit rooftop solar services can help get the job done right if you live in an older-style home. We have worked with homes of all different makes, sizes, styles, and eras and understand how to find home solar products that fit your needs perfectly.

We’ll help get your home retrofitted with the best residential solar panels in the state. We have helped countless customers install residential solar panels in Illinois, including the Greater St. Louis area, Springfield, Champaign, Decatur, Peoria, Marion, Bloomington, and beyond.

Installing Solar Panels for My Home Made Easy

When you need to answer the question “how do I get solar panels for my home?” you don’t need to look any further than eEquals! Our residential solar panel installers can come to your home, measure the available area for a rooftop solar system, and start the process quickly.

We work with each customer to find a home solar installation solution that works for your property. Whether you want solar panels on your roof or opt for ground-mounted solar panels, we have you covered. Our team is ready to help you get the residential solar panels in Illinois you’ve always dreamed of and give you the solar battery storage capacity you need. Contact our team to discover more about our residential solar panel installation services today!

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