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Don’t Attempt a DIY Solar Installation — 5 Reasons Why You Should Always Call Professionals

A professional works on rooftop solar panels.

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Are you thinking about creating your own solar system? Although installing DIY solar panels on your roof might seem like a weekend project that could save money, it’s ultimately more trouble than it’s worth. There are many reasons why it’s in a homeowner’s best interest to call professional solar installers instead of trying to make their own solar panels — including the following.


Because of their training and experience, calling professionals for an installation is far more advisable than attempting a DIY solar panel project. Solar installation experts have undergone rigorous training and have extensive experience working with solar panels and solar systems. They are well-versed in the best practices for installing solar panels, ensuring that the solar panels are placed optimally for maximum energy production.

In addition, their expertise also includes safely connecting the solar array to your electricity grid — which can be a complex task for the untrained individual. This experience minimizes the risk of errors in the installation process, ultimately providing you with a more efficient and reliable solar energy system that harnesses the power of renewable energy more effectively.


Solar panel installation can be a hazardous task, involving the handling of heavy solar equipment and working at elevated heights. As such, DIY solar panel installations carry inherent risks when not done correctly, such as falling accidents or electrical issues.

Professional solar installers are trained in safety protocols and possess the necessary equipment to minimize these risks. They also understand the intricacies of connecting solar batteries to the solar system, ensuring safe and efficient operation. By entrusting the installation to experts, you prioritize the well-being of your family and property while enjoying the benefits of your solar panel system without worry.


Choosing to have professionals install your solar panels is a faster and more efficient option than attempting to do it yourself. Professional solar installers have a streamlined process for solar panel installation, which is backed by their experience and expertise. They know how to mount the solar panels efficiently, connect the racking and mounting equipment, and set up the entire solar system.

Their experience also means that they can handle any unexpected issues that may arise during the installation, saving you time and potential headaches. When you opt for a professional installation, you can begin harnessing the power of solar energy sooner — reaping the benefits of your solar panel system without the delays associated with DIY efforts.


Installing solar panels often requires adhering to local building codes and obtaining permits. Solar installers are familiar with these regulations, ensuring that your solar panel system complies with all legal requirements. 

Failure to do so during a DIY solar project can lead to costly delays, fines, or even the dismantling of your solar array. As a result, hiring professionals to install your solar panels provides peace of mind, knowing that the project will be completed in full compliance with local laws and regulations.


Reputable solar installers typically offer warranties on their workmanship, as well as on the solar panels and other components they use. These warranties provide you with added protection and assurance that your solar panel system will perform optimally. 

In contrast, DIY installations often lack such comprehensive warranties. If issues arise with the system, you might find yourself solely responsible for the cost of repairs or replacements, which can be a significant financial burden. By opting for professional solar installers, you can take advantage of these warranties and enjoy the long-term benefits of a reliable and well-protected solar power system.

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